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Mako 9600 Spey Spool

This Mako 9600 Spey Spool is from the early Mako days when Jack and Judy Charlton ran the shop. Fits all 9600 reels and has a smaller arbor than the Bluewater Spool to accommodate spey lines. This spool is finished in the standard polished black Type III finish of early Mako reels. It is in very good condition (9/10) with the only blemish being some slight wear on the inside spool rim. Spool ran true on my 9600 but I'm guessing at some time in it's life it was mounted on a crooked frame or was not fully seated before tightening down which caused the wear marks. Comes with original green cordura nylon padded pouch.

I am not a Mako dealer and this used spool is sold "as-is" like all of the used reels and spools on my site. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message and I'll get back to you asap: 

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