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Skiff Anchor Rode

These custom skiff anchor rodes from Treasure Coast fly fishing guide Caleb Esparza are used by many prominent Keys Tarpon guides. Caleb constructs these rodes from 1/4" Samson AmSteel Dyneema 12-Strand rope (6500lb breaking strength) using locking splices and an integral 5' section of marine-grade shock cord for a completely streamlined setup. The 100% stretch in the shock cord acts as a snubber when you're anchored in a chop making it easier to maintain your balance on the skiff, less likely you'll take a wave over the bow, and more likely your anchor will hold even in rough oceanside conditions.

The completed rodes are about 27' or 32' in length. Includes chafe guard at the anchor end and a marine-grade organizer strap. Anchor rodes do not qualify for free shipping, we charge a $10 flat rate.

I also offer complete anchor setups custom-made to order including dyneema rode, forged stainless quick release shackle and anchor shackle, and anchor buoy all spec'd to your needs. Contact me at for complete anchor package pricing. 

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